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Fibre Optic &

WiFi Solutions

We live in the world where most things are online. Kids need a broadband connection to do their homework, parents need to connect to online services or work from home. Don’t forget about entertainment, either – streaming films or online gaming can slow things down too.


You want to be able to get work done, to let your kids do their schoolwork, and stream to your heart’s content – without hearing any moaning about the slow connection. Sound like a familiar problem? Then you should consider fibre optic internet.

Until recently, all internet connections to homes in the UK were delivered via copper phone wires, called ADSL. Within the last several years, there’s been a push to roll out fibre-optic broadband all over the country, to replace ADSL connections. Fibre internet is connected via fibre-optic cables made of glass or plastic, which allow more data to be transmitted than copper wires. For this reason, fibre broadband is much faster than ADSL.

Greater Bandwidth

Longer Distances

Thinner & Sturdier

Faster Speed

Better Reliability

Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Wi-Fi is the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. Wi-Fi allows you to connect several computers at once, anywhere in the house – or if you have a laptop, to even use your computer in the garden. You don’t need to install extra phone lines or cables.

Wi-Fi creates a network in your home – a little zone where computers can get broadband internet. It uses radio waves, just like TV or mobile phones. You may sometimes hear this zone referred to as a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).

A device called a wireless transmitter receives information from the internet via your broadband connection. The transmitter converts the information into a radio signal and sends it.

Here at IntechService we work with Ubiquiti is a well-known brand if you care about networking. Many companies, schools and public spaces use Ubiquiti access points to broadcast a Wi-Fi network across an entire building. 

We will help design and programme a system that works best for you, as well as will source all of the equipment.

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