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For all of your smart installations, including smart devices, audio, visual, security, data networks and lighting, we are on hand to ensure that your systems are problem-free and working in the way you expect them too.

We specialise in KNX aftercare, our aim is to work closely with clients, providing value-for-money by delivering a service that they can rely on.

KNX is an international, manufacturer-independent intelligent building automation standard that tunes up the building’s technical building systems, energy efficiency, comfortless and adaptability to a new level. KNX devices are manufactured by more than 300 device manufacturers, which all are compatible with each other.

KNX is suitable for controlling all types of buildings, from single-family houses to large airports.
KNX-system is operated through an easy-to-use interface. The user interface can be, a switch, a button, a KNX touch panel or even a mobile phone.
KNX automation can be used to control or measure /or it is possible to integrate following systems to KNX

heating and cooling.png
electrical load.png



Heating & Cooling


Electric Load Management

measuring energy .png
audio visual.png

Measuring Energy Consumption

Audio-visual systems


Alarm Systems

KNX planning is always started by holding a design start meeting with the customer. At the meeting, we will always tell the customer about the diverse control possibilities offered by KNX, and we will map the customer’s own wishes regarding KNX design and KNX-controlled building systems. At the meeting, the systems to be included in the KNX control will be decided upon in cooperation with the customer, and we will proceed to take the KNX design forward. If necessary, the content of the plan will be refined as the planning progresses.

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