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We understand the need for your smart home systems to be stable and operational at all times.

Like no-one else, we understand the complexity level of support and maintenance that these systems require. We pride ourselves for being able to work with most systems and deliver the support our clients need, working directly with the key manufacturers. 

Therefore we devised a maintenance plan which consists of two levels of support, proactive and reactive maintenance.


Our proactive maintenance plans consist of a number of scheduled AV maintenance visits spread across the year. During these visits our trained engineers will review the system in detail and methodically update firmware on each piece of equipment if required. They will also clean and tidy the installation to ensure that it is always kept in the same state as it was originally installed.

Our engineers will then provide a report back to the office and they will list the current status of all pieces of equipment and the system as a whole. If they have noticed any elements which are not functioning, your dedicated sales manager will contact you with recommendations and pricing for repairing these components.

Proactive, routine maintenance ensures that your system is always up to date and it reduces the number of reactive call outs required.

Greater Bandwidth

Longer Distances

Thinner & Sturdier

Faster Speed

Better Reliability

Lower Total Cost of Owenership


Our reactive maintenance support is charged by the hour and includes call-out fees.

The first line of response would be to try our telephone helpline but if it is determined that an engineer is required on site then we will arrange this for you based on the availability of our team.

We are often contacted by clients who already have a smart home system that was either installed in the past or inherited as part of property acquisition. And are looking to upgrade or to change their provider for ongoing maintenance.

In these circumstances, we would welcome any information that you may have in terms of drawings or specification lists for the equipment already installed. In addition, we would come to meet with you to view the current installation and suggest recommendations for stabilising or upgrading any equipment. We will also be able to provide you with a maintenance proposal after viewing the installation.

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